Halloween Safety Tips


We all want to keep our little ghosts and ghouls safe this Halloween. Here are some simple reminders on how to protect your trick or treaters so everyone has a great time.

Costume Choices 
- When choosing or constructing your costumes make sure masks fit securely and provide adequate vision and ventilation. Children should also wear shoes that are well-fitting and sturdy. 
- Costumes should be made of flame resistant materials. 
- Accessories can be a real hazard. The best swords and knives are short, soft, and flexible. 

Be Seen 
- Add reflective tape to the costume or bag your child is using to carry candy. Walk with a flashlight so everyone can see where they are going and in turn, others will see you. 
- Walk from house to house as a group, and make sure children are accompanied by an adult. 
- Stick to trick-or-treating in well-lit homes in familiar neighborhoods. 
- Look both ways when crossing the street. If there is a cross walk available, use it. 

Home Safety 
- Keep candles and jack-o-lanterns away from landings and doorsteps at your home where costumes could brush against the flames. 
- Be sure the walkway to your house is clear and free of any tripping hazards. 
- Have a great Halloween and don't eat too much candy! 


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